Only the best landscape companies in Santa Rosa can help you sometimes. This is especially evident when you are willing to come up with some gardening plan. Maybe you built your custom home only a few months ago, and now, are ready to host a lawn area. Or maybe, you’ve been a proud garden owner since long, and currently, you’re planning to implement a few changes to the area.

Amidst all of these new projects coming up in your mind, it is important to keep track of the real changes that could truly transform your living experience. Ensure that your garden makes you proud when people are invited to a tea party at your place.

What popular garden trends are in the headlines currently? Let’s find out!

Waterfalls & Fountains

In the history of gardening and landscaping, waterfalls and fountains are probably the oldest concepts to be still in practice. There is no harm associated with the installation of such elegant pieces of marvel. It seems that garden waterfalls never run out of style. They are indeed timeless. In fact, a steep rise has been detected in the growing popularity of such design elements among the average young American homeowners over the last year or so.

But what clearly has come up as the biggest landscaping trend of 2019 is the use of sheet waterfall. The sheet is generally an elongated, flat surface that keeps the water flowing at plain levels. Not only it exudes beauty and elegance, but also brings an aesthetic appeal to the garden.

Get Pond

Gone are the days when installation of an artificial pond in the garden was mainly reserved for richer gardeners. Today, the commercialization of landscaping has brought forward quite a number of opportunities for the middle-class Americans.

One of the latest and most popular trends of 2019 is the inclusion of ponds in the private gardening space. With the concept of a reservoir placed beneath the water body that works behind the water movement, you can now rest assured about the cleanliness of the pond.

Light up your garden!

If you love to spend most of your time in the garden, ensure that it has enough lighting to offer you the setting of a perfect mood during the evening hours. For instance, LED lights can prove both economical and sustainable. For a more romantic setting, colored lighting options have started coming up as the latest trend of 2019. Looking for the most reliable landscape company? Call Sweetwater Landscape at 707-887-0140 or request a free consultation.