The installation of water features can enhance the beauty of a home and provide a relaxing environment for your friends and family. There are a wide variety of water features available that will be perfect for your style and available space. Here are the three most common water features that will create a peaceful environment. For more suggestions, contact water feature contractors near you.


1: Fountains
Fountains are one of the most popular water features, and they have been around for centuries. They come in many different sizes, whether you are interested in urn fountains or ones that are constructed from a basalt column. These fountains are great for limited spaces and can enhance the entire atmosphere of an outdoor environment. They also come in many colors, and you will find the perfect match by contacting a water feature contractor near your location.


2: Rain Chain & Barrels
The use of rain chains and barrels is a popular option for many homeowners, and they are available in a wide range of styles. They are excellent to collect water into barrels and look great near a front entrance or pond. They can be used to water a garden, which will help save money and allow your plants to thrive with natural rainwater. Water feature contractors near you can build a rain chain that fits your personal style and blends in with the natural environment.


3: Ponds & Waterfalls
A waterfalls dropping into a small pond is a beautiful landscape design that is relaxing and significantly increases the value of a home. These ponds can be below ground or above and can be built in many different sizes. A pump will circulate the water through a bio filter which makes for a great start to a waterfall and stream. The sound will create a very peaceful environment. You can choose from a variety of styles which includes modern, or natural-looking designs. All you need to do is find a water feature contractor near your location to craft a waterfall pond that meets all of your needs and desires.


Sweetwater Landscape is a company that specializes in providing state-of-the-art water features and is the only company in the North Bay area that is a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor. We will ensure that you are thoroughly satisfied with our work, whether you are interested in beautiful fountains, rain chains, or Pondless Waterfalls. Contact us today to learn more about these popular water features.