As soon as summer arrives, you should start looking for the right landscape contractors in Santa Rosa. In fact, you should wrap up the process before the heat scorches your garden. It’s alright to have some affection for the summer months. After all, it includes all the fun around the beach. Your kids are free on their summer vacation, and that calls for a family outing.

Well, we all get to understand the fun associated with this particular season. But have you ever thought of what goes on with your beloved outdoor plants? You have invested so much time, efforts, and emotions in setting up that perfect garden, and all of a sudden, a lack of proper care for a mere seven days can harm these plants. This is where the need for extensive care throughout the summers is vital.

Signs of Summer Damage

If you ask a gardener about detecting any plant affected by heat, he would tell you a few words. First of all, when the temperature soars, not every plant in a given area is affected by the same. In fact, the first instance of heat damage can be observed in only one of them. This affected plant is often referred to as the “indicator plant”. What effects can be noticed?

  • Wilting and browning of its leaves
  • The leaves of the plant might drop earlier than expected
  • The root zone of that particular plant shall be dry, causing dehydration
  • You might even spot discoloration

When you see these signs, start taking more care of the inhabitants of your garden.

Watering Should Be In Appropriate Quantity

Please be aware that all plants behave differently. Similarly, their response to solar radiation differs from their other counterparts. Some might experience an accelerated photosynthesis procedure, while some others might dry off. What actually happens is the lack of appropriate water quantity.

Like all of us living on this planet, plants do need water to survive. In fact, their entire life process is based on the water they receive from beneath the soil. In summer, evaporation can bring adverse effects to the life of these plants. Keep watering, whenever possible, to ensure such effects don’t arise.

Umbrella for Your Plants

Just like you need an umbrella to save your face from the sun, plants also require shades. Prepare a shade above the garden area to ensure only the proper volume of radiation entering the space.

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