Fire Rebuild

We’ve got your back for the final step

Since the devastation of the fires of October 2017, I’ve had the good fortune to meet, and work with, some amazing and resilient people. I’ve had incredible conversations with homeowners that, through shear determination, have and are putting their lives back together. While I may never truly understand the personal devastation they have lived through, I have learned a lot from the conversations and actions of those who have lost a great deal. I am truly humbled by the new friendships I have made. There is no greater pleasure for us here at Sweetwater Landscape than seeing a homeowner move in to their new home.

We are here to help guide you through the process of your final step to free yourself of the devastation and stress that the fires, displacement, and subsequent construction have brought. Landscape is the last piece of the rebuild puzzle, and our goal is to make it the easiest piece.

We work with homeowners to get their plans preapproved and filed with their city of residence. We understand what North Bay area cities want and need once they receive the preapproved plans.

Whether you are rebuilding in the City of Santa Rosa or the County of Sonoma, we are here to help.

Financing is available to help you get you what you want, for your final piece of the construction project.


I would love to help you,

Dan Auch
Sweetwater Landscape Inc.