Having a perfect landscape for your garden is essential to enhance its beauty, and landscaping companies in Sonoma County can help you in doing this. You might have seen some gardens with neat landscapes and flawless designs that have a better appeal than others. You just cannot rely on your fine collection of plants to achieve this impression. It is essential to plan your landscape design considering your future requirements and desires. Let us take a look at some!


Sensory Gardens

Sensory gardens are the ones that have a self-contained design, and feel amazing when smelled or touched. This garden is designed to stimulate the sensory experiences of the visitors. This is a great landscape design option for smaller spaces and courtyards. Simply putting colorful pots with herbal plants like rosemary, oregano, dill, and basil can do wonders to your garden area.


Outdoor Fire-Pits and Grills

How about having a nice get-together with some delicious food on the grill, in the garden? You can foster a sense of community with an amazing outdoor fire-pit and a grilling landscape option. Enhance the look of your regular garden with this feature and enjoy a Sunday brunch with your friends and family.


Pollinator Gardens

Amid the Save Environment campaign, amaze your guests with an amazing pollinator garden landscape. We are losing honeybees and bats at a faster rate, which are a vital part of the life pyramid. So, why not give them a place in your landscape? People will love this idea! Remember pollinators need a water source!


Culinary Gardens

If you like cooking and experimenting with food, having a culinary garden will not only fulfill this hobby of yours but will also enhance your landscape. The feeling of having your own veggies and herbs is wonderful!


Climate Change Gardens

Rather than the seasonal plants, go for the ones that can adapt to the changing weather. This will enhance the beauty of your landscape throughout the year plus will also help in purifying the air. These trees grow at a faster rate giving shady places for the guests to relax.


Artistic Outdoor Lighting

Just by giving an advanced lighting effect to your landscape, you can enhance its appearance manifolds. This can also act as an amazing party venue for you. Hiring a professional for this purpose is always a wise decision as they understand the intricacies of the art.


No one prefers to have an outdated property. Whether you go for a culinary garden or choose the artistic lighting option, a professional touch can add incredible value to it. Our experts at Sweetwater Landscape can guide you in this process. Call us at 707-887-0140 for more details or to schedule a consultation.