We all desire to have a beautiful landscape in our property that can offer more than an aesthetic value. Interestingly, for many people, landscapes are as important as any other section or room of their house. Starting the design process with your family is a great idea because it is a space exclusively designed to tailor your needs, and having design input will make sure that the final outcome matches up to everyone’s expectations.

Designing your perfect landscape can be an overwhelming job. You may need to strike an ideal balance between what nature offers and your personal choices and or desires. Another very important piece of the landscape design puzzle is to make sure that the plants, trees, soil, water, and rocks work in harmony to create a perfect environment. Hiring a professional for landscape design in Sonoma County can make things easier for you.

4 Steps to Landscape Your Backyard

Follow these easy steps to make a perfect landscape in your property.

1. Identify Your Needs and Expectations – What is the purpose of a landscape in your space? Will it be a play area for kids or a quiet area to relax? Do you wish to develop it for parties and get-togethers or just for the purpose of beautification? Questions are many, and the best person to answer them is you! Sit with your family, and finalize the need for a landscape in your home.

2. Location – When designing your landscape, you are at the mercy of your location, good or bad your environmental conditions will dictate some of what you are able to do. You will need to study the predominant wind direction and sun pattern to choose the right plant material. Choosing a 100% direct sunlight location not only means you will have warm evenings during summer, but your plant choices will need to be full sun as well. If your site is prone to direct winds, you may want some kind of windscreen, be it a structure or plant screen.

3. Sit Down – The best way to figure out things is to spend some time in your yard and take in your space. This will help you in understanding different factors like space, sunlight and your desires. You can also Consult a professional landscape designer, and discuss the viable designing options available for you. You may also find a focal point like a fountain, a tree, or a sitting area, that will be considered in the designing process.

4. Scaling – Scaling is essential in landscape design. This practice will give a clean and pulled-together appearance to your space. Making your area even in terms of color, size, and shape is the beginning of the landscape designing process. Also, determining the different sections of the landscape in advance will make the designing process smoother.

Last but not least, you should be open to changes. Remember a landscape design should be fluid, meaning adjustments on the fly often is just what the landscape needed. Keep researching and finding innovative landscape ideas. Your focus should be to create a space that is healthy for you and your plants. A place that is positive and tranquil, that you look forward to after a tiring day!  You may also want to read 10 Steps to a Successful Landscape Installation. Connect with Sweetwater Landscape at 707-887-0140.