In choosing landscaping companies in Sonoma County, it’s first important that you understand their working process. How do they achieve their landscaping goals, and what are the key steps involved in each project? The team at Sweetwater Landscape has significant experience in the landscaping industry and in this latest post, they’re highlighting their guide to landscape design.

The first step – site analysis

In the first step of their working process, landscaping companies in Sonoma County will analyze the property and review ground conditions. They’ll look at the size of the space and the maintenance required. They’ll also conduct soil analysis to determine optimal planting strategies.

The second step – confirming client requirements

The second step in the process involves working with the client to discuss their requirements and comparing their request with the available space and their budget. The landscape designer will get to know the area and ensure the client has reasonable expectations.

The third step – crafting a functional design

In the third step, the landscape design team will begin on a functional design for the space. They’ll assign an activity to specific areas and allocate resources according to the spatial parameters while aligning resources with client requirements. For example, if the design requires edible landscaping, the designer will place vegetation in areas with the required level of sun exposure.

The fourth step – editing the conceptual design

In the concept stage of the design, the design team will review additional experimental options for the design work. They’ll consider hardscapes and features that might add aesthetic value to the space while meeting the client’s vision with precision.

The fifth step – combining the elements

In the fifth step, they’ll combine each of the elements to formulate a design that combines functionality and aesthetics while aligning the professional design specifications with the client’s vision for the property. In finalizing the design, the designer shows the client how their landscape will function as a complete system.

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Our team at Sweetwater Landscape recognizes the inherent value within the landscape design process. We’re considered one of the foremost landscaping companies in Sonoma County for our unwavering commitment to client objectives and our superior understanding of complex design concepts. To book a consultation with a local design specialist, call today!