The concept of landscape design in Sonoma County has reached new heights; courtesy goes to the nurturing of an amazing culture that blends fresh artistic talent with experienced craftsmanship. As we speak, times have changed. Now you can expect to introduce the purity of design into your domestic landscape.

Gone are the days when only the heavy-duty commercial structures deserved to be treated like pieces of art. Now, landscaping companies are tending more towards introducing the same class into domestic projects as well, but what if you want to design your home’s front yard landscape on your own? In that case, let us take you through the entire process.

Affordable and Effective Mulching Alternatives

Let’s be honest. Your garden demands water every day, and the intensity of its thirst depends on what variety of mulch you use. To spare you the pain of excessive water loss in this age of global warming, let us recommend you some of the alternatives that are not only less expensive, but also feed the needs of your garden.

You may want to use shredded leaves as an alternative to the expensive mulch. And guess what, they also provide adequate amounts of nutrients that your garden needs to flourish. If you are looking for that lightweight variety of mulch, consider buying pine needles. They can offer tremendous service at lower costs.

Before planting a new flower in your garden the next time, take out your old newspapers from the shelf. Put at least five pages from the newspapers on the ground, and spray some minimal amounts of water onto the surface before covering it with the topsoil. They are one of the top contenders for being labeled as an affordable and effective mulch ingredient.

Recycle Your Tires to Give Your Garden a Brand-New Look

If you have ever been to a recycler’s home, you would be astonished to see how everyday waste products end up being a showpiece on their walls. You don’t need to be a certified recycling professional to adopt these techniques.

Simply, open your garage door and take out those spare tires out of your garage, and paint them with a light yet bright color. If you don’t own a car, ask your local garage guy, and tip him $1, and take home a brand ‘old’ tire. That’s enough of humor for now. Let’s see how you can decorate your landscape using these rotatable disks.

You can use tires as a hanging plantation tub, or you may want to simply hang the larger truck tires for your kids and their friends to play with. And that’s not the end of the story, as your pets would have a great time too.

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