Your landscape has a major impact on the aesthetic appeal of your home. A well-maintained and uncluttered lawn can do wonders for the looks of your home. Winter can bring major challenges for landscaping enthusiasts. Greenery grows very slowly during winter. Soil retains less moisture and tends to get hard during winter, making it difficult for you to dig holes for plants or different structures. To prevent winter from wreaking havoc on your landscape, you need to come up with a plan. Following are some tips to prepare your landscape for winter by one of the best-rated experts in landscape design in Sonoma County.

Aerate Your Lawn : Your lawn will go into hibernation during winter, and will require a constant supply of nutrients to survive the cold. Aerating your turf will provide fertilizer, water, and oxygen easy access to roots within the ground. Aerate your lawn in tandem with fertilization and while it is still green. This will help it spring back to life swiftly and with full vitality in the spring.

Clean Up : Get rid of debris as it can inhibit the growth of new grass and make your lawn look cluttered, or worse, suffocate it. Remove dying foliage and annuals. This will help lower the risk of diseases spreading to plants. To protect new growth and prevent the lawn from becoming a breeding ground of pests, cut grass shorter. To maintain the health of your lawn, prune evergreen, spruce, and deciduous trees. Rake leaves regularly. This will help ensure that grass beneath leaves gets ample sunlight, which is essential for their survival. Use soil conditioner to get rid of brown spots.

Winterize Your Irrigation System : A drop in temperature can negatively impact the functioning of your irrigation system, resulting in costly repairs. To prevent this from happening, winterize your irrigation system. Ask an experienced landscape contractor in Santa Rosa to run through a pre-winter checklist designed to ensure that your system is prepared for the winter.

Fertilize Trees: Fertilizing trees will help increase the productivity of soil, encouraging root growth. Nourishing the root system of your trees will help prevent premature death of branches.

Apply Mulch: Mulching will help avoid erosion and water loss during winter. To help maintain uniform soil temperature, add a 2-inch layer of mulch to your landscape. Mulch acts as a barrier, helping roots draw and retain moisture.

Prevent Water Loss : Apply anti-transpirants to plants and trees to help prevent moisture loss through the leaves. Burlap wrapping can help protect plants against the adverse effects of salt sprays.

Overseed Your Lawn: Overseeding your lawn will help fill in bare spots, which is a surefire way to maintain a thick, green cover. Overseeding will also help prevent diseases from starting.

Follow these tips to prepare your landscape for winter. At Sweetwater Landscape, we are committed to helping landscaping enthusiasts care for their lawn. We are a renowned landscape contractor in Santa Rosa. Nothing excites us more than a challenging landscaping project. In landscaping, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. No one understands this better than our expert landscaping designers. These professionals examine every factor at play to come up with landscaping solutions that cover all the bases. To consult an expert, call us at 707-887-0140.