Landscaping can add some serious value to your property. A carefully planned and well-maintained landscape will transform your home into the gem of the neighborhood. Maintaining a colorful landscape throughout the year can be a challenging task. Changes in the amount of sunlight that your yard receives can have a profound effect on plants and other vegetation. Here are some tips to keep your landscape looking lively and colorful throughout this year and many years to come.

Add Accents

Many landscape design companies in Sonoma County and elsewhere offer seasonal displays to maintain the look and feel of outdoor spaces round the year. In addition to using seasonal displays, you can plant seasonal flowers in beds or containers. Consider adding holiday-specific displays of dried arrangements to your landscape. Landscape designers usually use container arrangements to define activity areas and accent entryways.

Use easy-to-move lightweight containers. Use annuals to inject a long-lasting blast of colors. When choosing holiday and seasonal displays, make sure they blend with your permanent landscape.

Container plantings and holiday arrangements are creative specialties, and are usually not included in basic landscape contracts. Look for a company that employs designers and specialists with hands-on experience of creating seasonal displays. Ask your designer to create ornamental displays and design planters for holidays.

Use Holiday Displays to DecorateAccording to a Theme  

Holidays are the perfect time to showcase your garden and outdoor living. Use custom arrangements of green to liven up your front entry and make your backyard smell great. Dried branch displays or twisted branches bundled together can be used for directing the eye.

Use colorful ornamental plants or arrangements of multi-colored pumpkins for Halloween. Arrange bundles of pumpkins and cornstalks in different patterns that embody the spirit of Thanksgiving. Use custom wreaths, bows, berries, and holiday lights to decorate your outdoor for Christmas.

Use Seasonal Displays for Different Seasons

  • Spring – Consider planting bulbs such as daffodils and crocus that can tolerate the winter cold. Display pansies and snapdragons in containers.
  • Summer – Plant annuals and tropical plants that add vibrancy and texture in containers. You can also plant annuals in planting beds.
  • Autumn – Add vibrant colors with yearly bed rotation of pansies, mums, and ornamental cabbages. Pansies can be used throughout the winter months.
  • Winter – Use perennials that provide visual interest. Opt for decorative grass that transforms into shades of amber and gold when dormant. Use leafy evergreens and coniferous evergreens such as spruce.

Looking for more ideas to keep your landscape colorful round the year? Look no further than Sweetwater Landscape. We are an established landscape design company in Sonoma County.  We are on a mission to beautify our community. Over the years, we have transformed several ordinary landscapes into inspiring and jaw-dropping landscapes. To discuss your project with a landscaping expert, call us at 707-887-0140.