An outdoor water fountain adds a focal point to your front or backyard. When choosing an outdoor water fountain, the material is an important consideration. The material determines the look of your water feature and affects the fountain’s weight.

Outdoor fountains come in many styles and sizes, from free-standing to wall-mounted. In addition, a variety of materials can be used for your fountain, ranging from plastic and resin to concrete and metal. They can be decorative or simple and plain. However, they all serve the same purpose: to circulate water and creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Material

  • Weight: Lightweight fountains are easy to move and relocate, but they can also be easily knocked over by strong winds. You should consider contacting a water feature company near you to help you make an informed decision on which material is best for your project.
  • Appearance: Plastic fountains don’t have the same rich appearance as other materials like fiberglass or stone. However, plastic fountains are very durable and easy to maintain.
  • Durability: Stone fountains are incredibly durable. They’re often at least partially buried when installed in your garden, so they’ll stay put no matter how hard the wind blows or how rambunctious your pets get.

5 Best Materials for Outdoor Water Fountains Plus a Bonus Material


Granite is one of the ideal building materials for outdoor water fountains. Granite comes in various grey tones, making it elegant and sophisticated. Moreover, granite is highly resistant to rust-causing elements.


Stone has a natural beauty that looks great in any landscape setting. A stone fountain can add a very natural look and certain stone types such as a Basalt Column rock can add a more formal look. Stone gets heavy quick, the importance of finding a permanent spot is crucial.

MetalCast Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper

Metal in and of itself is a great element to introduce to your landscape and a water feature can be a perfect match with metal.

  • Cast Aluminum is another popular choice for outdoor water fountains that stands well against weather and environmental elements. Cast Aluminum is also durable and lightweight.
  • Stainless Steel is a great choice for many reasons including durability, holding a shine, strength, corrosion resistant, and is relatively lightweight.
  • Copper is a little pricier than other metals, but some people really love the “Copper Patina” look. Shiny metal tends to be a more formal type look, while a nice patina looks a little more rustic. Copper is known to have a very pretty greenish brown patina when exposed to the elements.


Both Plastic and Cement Resin are a popular material for outdoor fountains because of their lightweight and durable characteristics. Resins can withstand the elements well and are easier to move if needed. Resins are also very versatile in design because it can be molded into just about any shape or pattern desired. At the same time, resin fountains can mimic the look of stone and tend to be less expensive than stone options.


Fiberglass is a strong constructed material that stands up to moisture, heat, and freezing temperatures while being easy to move if necessary. Additionally, it’s very lightweight, allowing manufacturers to create artistic designs that are sturdy yet easy to transport.

Pottery is the Bonus

Just about any garden pot or urn can be made into a fountain feature. Most are fairly lightweight, come in various shapes and sizes, various color options and finishes.

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