Each year Sweetwater Landscape Inc is contacted by hundreds of home owners that live in Sonoma County and the greater Santa Rosa Ca area about having out waterfall contractors build them their very own pond and or waterfall. We look forward to speaking with each person that contacts us about their vision for their new water feature and we love to answer all of the questions people have.

We have even been asked on occasion who would you recommend, if for some reason you could not do our project? This is a great question!  The core of our culture at Sweetwater Landscape revolves around honesty and trust. While we would hope to work with you, we realize that we simply cannot build them all or may not be a perfect fit for everyone.

1)  Attune Landscapes strives to create gardens that are functional and stimulating to the senses. Landscapes that are tranquil, serene, provide a place at home to relax and unwind from a busy day. Often using water and a naturalistic style, we combine artistry and natural elements to achieve and enhance outdoor living space.


2)  The Great Backyard is a design install landscape construction company focusing on creating new or remodeling existing exterior spaces of residential home properties. The Great Backyard is an excellent choice for creating hardscapes, softscapes, irrigation, unique and custom water features, wood and stone structures, lighting, outdoor sound and specializes in natural stone gardens.


3)  Sonoma Cascades believes that no landscape is complete without the tranquil sounds and aesthetics of a water feature.  Having a natural looking stream complete with falls, rapids, and quiet pools is the ultimate focal point.


4)  Landzen – Water features — fountain pond waterfall — are an aural and visual delight. We have built them for the courtyards, terraces and yards of all descriptions. They provide exceptional design/build services to create outdoor living spaces.

5)  McNeil Landscaping and Construction has been in business in Sonoma County since They specialize in custom landscape designs, installations, remodels, and repair work. We provide innovative designs and reliable service.

While you are in the process of choosing your waterfall contractor in Sonoma County to build you your very own water feature paradise, please check out our display water features at both SBI Landscape Materials locations. You no longer have to search “pond contractors near me” – you can trust our team.


*Ecosystem pond and mountain stream as you walk into the office entrance

1000 River Rd Fulton, CA 95439

*Grand Entrance Pondless Waterfall

10540 Old Redwood Hwy Windsor CA 95492

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Sweetwater Landscape’s mission is to build your Paradise while Fueling our Passion for Creativity, fulfilling our Clients’ Dreams and exceeding their Expectations.