Adding a water feature to your garden is a great way to add personality to it. A water feature can improve the overall mood and feel of your garden. Spending some time in a garden with a water feature is a proven way to unwind and relax after a hectic day.

Some popular types of water features include ponds, waterfalls, and water gardens. When a homeowner decides to install a water feature in their garden, they can have many questions. Some of these questions include the following:

  • How to select the right water feature for their garden?
  • How much maintenance do different types of water features require?
  • How can they ensure water feature safety?

At Sweetwater Landscapes, we pride ourselves on being one of the best water feature companies in Sonoma County. In this blog, we will try to answer these questions.

Choosing a Water Feature

When deciding between different types of water features, consider the size of your garden and the impact you want to make. Large pools are perfect for wide open spaces, while small outdoor fountains are a worthy addition for smaller gardens.

Think about the intended purpose of the water feature. Decide if a waterfall or a pond would complement your existing space or provide an interesting contrast to your garden’s design. If you have kids and pets, look for a kid- and pet-friendly water feature.

Water Feature Maintenance

All water features need ongoing care and maintenance. Maintenance cost depends on the type of water feature. Some types of water features are easier to maintain than other types.

To maintain a waterfall, you must periodically check the structures, keep algae in check, and remove debris before they accumulate.

Pond maintenance is usually more time consuming than waterfall maintenance and also involves more effort. Pond maintenance involves periodic pond cleaning. Remove debris before it decays.

Maintain a healthy fish population. Do not overfeed your fish or the uneaten food can affect your water quality. If you do not have time to maintain your water feature, you can outsource water feature maintenance to a water feature company near you.

Ensuring Water Feature Safety

You must ensure that your water feature is safe for everyone. Think about how you use your garden and who is likely to visit. If you have toddlers, consider waiting for a couple of years before you install a large pond. In the meantime, you can enjoy a small elevated pond or a fountain that feeds a bird bath.

To keep the area around a pond off-limits to kids and pets, install a fence around it or cover the water feature with a firm net. Install your pond or any other water feature in an area that is visible from your home.

Sweetwater Landscape is a trusted water feature company serving Windsor. Whether you want to install a new water feature in your garden or maintain an existing one, we have got you covered. To learn more, call (707) 887-0140.