The excessive algae growth can affect the appearance and general health of your pond. Algae aren’t simply unsightly. Zinc, selenium, arsenic, and other substances found in algae cells can kill fish and decrease water quality. As a result, algae in your pond can block sunlight and deprive your plants of essential nutrients.

To maintain pond water quality, consider setting up or upgrading your pond filtration system. A pond filtration system is designed to remove contaminants such as sediments and pathogens from the water. Thus, the filtration system prevents algae growth by collecting debris before they decompose and become algae food.

A pond filtration system keeps the levels of toxins in the water in check. It also helps recycle and reuse pond water and reduces the concentration of lead and other heavy metals in the water.

There are two types of pond filtration systems-biological filtration and mechanical filtration. A biological filtration system utilizes beneficial bacteria to break down organic matter. On the other hand, a mechanical filter is designed to remove unsightly and harmful waste such as fish waste, uneaten food, decaying plants, sludge, and dust from the water.

Over time, pond filters can become clogged with debris and dust and become damaged. However, damaged filters are unable to trap contaminants and should be replaced.

Here are some other issues that necessitate the pond filter system replacement.

• A deformed or leaking skimmer
• An under-sized skimmer and filter designed for a much smaller pond
• A poorly designed or improperly installed filter
• The system uses canister-style filters that are difficult to maintain
• An improperly installed skimmer

Here are some signs your filter is not working properly and needs to be replaced:

• Your pond has green water all the time
• Excess muck or sludge build-up at the bottom of the pond
• Tree roots have got in the skimmer or filter
• Your pump clogs up all the time
• Too many leaves settle at the bottom of your pond

Tips to Maintain Your Pond Filter

There are many benefits from regular pond filter maintenance. It prevents premature filter degradation and addresses problems in a timely manner. Periodic pond filter maintenance increases pond filter life expectancy. A well-maintained pond filter performs flawlessly.

Follow these tips to maintain your pond filter.

• Rinse the mechanical filter media weekly
• Empty the skimmer once a week
• Clean the filter caps, airflow tubes, aerating stones, and other parts of your pump system once a year
• Clean your biological filter during the annual maintenance with pond water

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