If you’ve researched principles of design and layout chances are you’ve heard of Vastu Shastra. It is a system of architecture based on ancient Indian text that is well-known among many interior designers. Water fountains are key decorative elements, but they also bring many benefits to the overall feel of the home according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. They help to cleanse water, give you splendid sights and sounds to enjoy & make your home more peaceful and relaxing.

Read on to see how performing a water fountain installation can bring positive energy into your home along with various Vastu Shastra benefits.

Water symbolizes luck, wisdom, happiness, and prosperity in Vastu astrology; particularly when it comes to running water. Placing a water fountain or source at the home entrance or near the entrance creates a harmonious living environment and makes the structure look more successful, prosperous, and enlightening.

The Right Placement of Water Fountain as Per Vastu: Dos & Don’ts

A water fountain is said to be a reservoir of life it ushers in immense positive energy and benefits in various aspects of life. Choosing a place to install your water fountain while keeping the principles of Vastu in mind is a good idea.

  • As per the basic principles of Vastu, place the water fountain in the north or northeast direction of your house. That’s because they are considered the directions of water and positive energy.
  • If you can’t install it in the north, install the fountain in the east direction since it’s also compatible with the water element.
  • The water fountain should not be installed in the southwest, south, and west directions of the house.
  • Don’t install a bulky or huge waterfall in the northeast direction. That’s because this direction is meant to be kept lighter and toned down.

5 Popular Types of Water Fountains

  1. Tabletop Fountains

This fountain needs less space as it can be placed on any tabletop or platform. The maintenance cost is also low as it does not require any plumbing or electricity connections.

  1. Waterfall Wall Fountains

This kind of fountain has a water flow that falls from the top of the panel down to the bottom of it. This makes it perfect for homes where there is limited space. Due to the complexity that comes with waterfall fountain installations, hiring experts like Sweetwater Landscape can ease the process considering we have years of experience with installs in homes across Sonoma County.

  1. Japanese Bamboo Fountains

Japanese bamboo fountains are made from bamboo sticks that form a circle around the fountain’s base. This gives them an elegant look that would suit any area in your home. These fountains come in different shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that will fit perfectly into your preferred area without taking up too much space. The bamboo spouts provide a soothing sound as the water trickles down into the basin below them, making these fountains ideal for relaxation or meditation.

  1. Cascading Water Fountains

A cascading fountain has water pouring over rocks or other types of stone. This fountain design has several tiers connected by small steps that allow the water to flow down through them and create a beautiful cascade effect. You can use this in your garden as well as indoors. It makes for a great focal point in any room because it is eye-catching and soothing at the same time.

  1. Tiered Fountains

A tiered fountain is ideal for small spaces as it does not need much space and does not take away from the view. This kind of design consists of multiple tiers which join together at one point before flowing into a common pool at the bottom. Tiered fountains can be made of any material, including stone, concrete, marble, or even glass.

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