A pondless waterfall is a recirculating waterfall. It works by pumping water contained in an in-ground reservoir to the top of a rock formation. There are more benefits of pondless waterfalls than many people realize. Pondless waterfalls are easier to maintain and install than traditional ponds. They are also safer as they do not pose a drowning hazard.

A pondless waterfall will make a beautiful addition to any landscape. You cannot build your pondless waterfall and forget it. It is important for you to take care of it. Here are some tips to maintain a pondless waterfall.

Perform Initial Maintenance

After installing your pondless waterfall, check the structures. Make sure the edges of the reservoir are raised above the water level. Check for indicators such as wet mulch or soil at the edge of the waterfall to know whether the walls of the reservoir have settled.

Remove Debris

Many water feature companies use rocks of varied shapes and sizes to build pondless waterfalls. This is done to add visual interest.

Removing debris from your pondless waterfall is very easy to do. You can remove debris by hand or turn it off and blow the leaf debris out of the water course.

Clear debris weekly or every time the reservoir is replenished. Pay careful attention to debris build on top of the reservoir. Debris build up in this location can cause the water to “bridge” and seep out of the system.

Keep Algae in Check

String Algae may form on the stones and if left unchecked will become unsightly and may cause clogging and debris issues. It is very important to remove as much string algae by hand and treat with an environmentally friendly algaecide such as Aquascape’s EcoBlast.

Protect Your Waterfall from Evaporation

A major benefit of pondless waterfalls is that they utilize less water than their traditional counterparts. The water in a pondless waterfall is recycled continuously. That said, it will eventually evaporate, and the reservoir will have to be refilled.

Replenish your waterfall once a week. Consider refilling your waterfall more frequently in hot weather. The rule of thumb says that the smaller the reservoir, the more often it must be checked and refilled. This will prevent the dry running of the pump.

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