Adding a waterfall to your landscape is a great way to enhance the space and improve the overall aesthetic. In addition to transforming an ordinary garden to an oasis of relaxation, a waterfall provides necessary aeration to support the pond ecosystem and keeps the pond looking and functioning at its best.

Here are some tips to create a natural-looking waterfall with the help of certified installers near you.

Blend With the Surroundings

It’s important to keep your waterfall in scale with the surrounding landscape and terrain, especially if the terrain is flat. To keep your waterfall in scale, build a berm around the waterfall area. Create multiple smaller drops measuring 4-9 inches or a single big drop of 18 inches.

Use a Biological Filter Box

Consider installing a biological filter at the top to help keep the water clean and your pond healthy. Hide it with rocks and plants. This will allow enough room for you to access different parts for maintenance or repairs.

Make the Stones is Proportional to the Drop of the Waterfall

The drop of a waterfall is the distance between where the water exits the waterfall spillway and where it hits the pond. Some of your main rocks should be larger than the drop of your waterfall to help maintain the right proportions. For example, if the drop of your waterfall is 15 inches, use rocks 20-25 inches in diameter to ensure they are in scale with the drop.

Ground Your Boulders

Do not place boulders erratically. If you are a fan of the high-mountain look, place plants and tiny, smaller rocks around large rocks. These planting pockets will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your yard, they will help with drainage.

Design Twists and Turns

Natural waterfalls have several twists and turns sothere is a new view with every turn. If you want to replicate the look of a natural waterfall, design twists and turns with small stones and pebbles.

Soften the Edges

To soften the hard edges of your stones, line the falls and stream with as much plant material as you can. Create a planted backdrop to your berm to help further diversify and soften the hard edges of your rocks.

Frame Your Waterfall

To create a natural look, frame your waterfall with the largest of your rocks. Place a rock with a flat surface between the frame rocks so water hits the larger stones and then moves through the space between them. Place remaining rocks along the edge of the basin.

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