We will discuss some important elements that go in to a successful turf lawn installation. First let me say, not all lawns are evil and, in some cases, have proven very beneficial and essential. With that said, there are some very important factors to consider planning your new lawn to be a success.

Preparation and planning as with most home improvement projects are key. Where will the lawn be placed? What are the existing soil conditions? Sun and Shade requirements? Irrigation Requirements? What is the intended use of the lawn (Aesthetics or use / play)? Required maintenance? We will help you answer these questions and more.

Lawn and Turf Benefits

Reduces soil erosion by having compact root systems, a lawn can hold soil and water, ensuring that they stay at the root zone. This helps reduce runoff and soil loss. When the ability of your lawn to hold moisture and nutrients increases, its health improves by leaps and bounds.

Provide a safe place to play for your kids, grandchildren and dogs. Who does not remember playing in the grass as a child? The cool blades between your toes, playing tag, playing football, playing catch, rough housing with your dog and many other activities done on a lawn.

Aesthetically adding a small or large patch of green adds a visual appeal to a landscape and can create balance.

SOD or Seed?

For new lawn installation the benefits to installing SOD far outweigh seeding onsite. The main reason for this is the initial health of the grass is far better and mature. You will use less water, have less weeds and gain instant satisfaction.

We may use seed for repairs, but even that is a rare occasion.

Water Use

Water use is a very important factor when thinking of a lawn installation. Lawns have been known not to be the most water efficient landscape plant element.

There is great news however! Through the latest irrigation technologies such as Smart Irrigation Controllers, Efficient Sprinkler Head design and Draught Tolerant Turf choices we can now water very responsibly, while still having a green and healthy lawn.

Lawn Care

Fertilizing three to four times a year prepares your lawn for the changing seasons. Please use fertilizers responsibly and understand that there are many organic fertilizers available.

Mowing is very important to the life and care of your turf lawn. Most turf lawns we recommend a cut height of 2.5” to 3”. This cut height will keep your lawn lush, hold water better, protect against disease and reduce weed growth.

Other care considerations are de-thatching (getting rid of dead blades that clog the soil) and Aeration (process of allowing air and moisture to the root systems).

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