We cannot emphasize enough the importance of fall pond maintenance. During fall, leaves and other debris may fall into your pond. If you do not remove them in a timely manner, they can clog your pump, cause leaks in the stream and create water clarity and water quality issues.

Here are some easy ways to maintain your pond in the fall from a water feature company near you.

Remove Debris Regularly

If your pond has heavy tree cover, you may have to clean your pond frequently (once or twice a week). You can install a skimmer filter, but it won’t be able to catch all the leaves before they drop to your pond’s bottom and decompose.

If you ignore debris in your pond, they will decompose and produce gas that may be harmful to your fish and other pond animals.

Consider installing a large net over your pond as it will catch leaves before they fall into the water. You’ll need to empty the debris net or skimmer bag more often in fall than in spring or summer.

Care for Your Plants

Trim down the dead leaves and foliage of marginal plants to 2” above the water and cut back the leaves and stems of hardy lilies, leaving around 2-3” at their bases. If you have tropical plants, you can either move them inside your house or treat them as annuals and replace them each season.

If you have water lettuce, hyacinth, or other tropicals, this is the right time to remove them as they will die during the winter and their leaves and other parts will fall in the pond, feeding algae.

General Pond Care Tips

When the water temperature drops below 50 degrees, add cold water beneficial bacteria to your pond. Coldwater beneficial bacteria will help maintain crystal-clear water by breaking down organic waste and ammonia from fish waste. Replace barley logs and consider winterizing your automatic dosing system before winter arrives.

Take Care of Your Fish

Fish tend to be less active in the fall and do not need to be fed as regularly as in summer. If you overfeed your fish, they will excrete more. Uneaten fish food may also start accumulating in your pond.

Increased amounts of waste in your pond can cause a whole host of problems, ranging from poor water quality to algae growth. To prevent these issues, stop feeding your fish when pond temperature drops to 50 degrees.

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