Winter is a hard time for ponds, plants, and animals living in them. Fish and plant metabolic rates drop in the winter. Beneficial bacteria, aquatic plants, and fish enter dormancy. Cold acts as a stressor, reducing fish appetite and increasing their vulnerability to diseases.

As microbial activity slows, the breakdown of waste does not occur at the same pace as when it is warmer, which causes them to build up, affecting the quality of pond water.

Keeping your pond running in the winter is an effective way to minimize issues that result from a drop in temperature. There are several known benefits to keeping your pond running through the winter months. When you keep your pump running, it is less susceptible to the changes that can result from a drop in temperature.

A running pump will keep pond water agitated, aerated, filtered, and prevent the formation of gases that can adversely impact pond water quality and plant and animal growth and development.

Your pond pump will also help keep your water at a more consistent temperature and prevent the water from stagnating, thereby, creating better conditions to help beneficial bacteria survive.

If you are still concerned about the health of the plants and animals living in your pond and water quality, install an aerator to move the water. An aerator can help prevent a buildup of organic sediment. Place your aerator at least 12 inches above the bottom of your pond.

Power outages are more common during the winter months than the summer months. If you intend to keep your pond pump running throughout the winter, have a plan for when power outages occur.

Keeping your pond pump running is just one way to maintain pond water quality in the winter.

Here are some more tips to winterize your pond:

  • Eliminate fish feeding
  • Clean your pond regularly
  • Keep dead or dying foliage trimmed back
  • Move plants (that are sensitive to cold) inside
  • Empty the skimmer basket regularly

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