Landscape contractors in Santa Rosa are fully equipped with the required skills and equipment to ensure that mosquitoes don’t grow and take over your backyard. In case you own a garden area full of bushes and plants, the chances are high that mosquitoes are some of the permanent members of your extended neighborhood.

These insects not only irritate you during the evening by biting you and your loved ones, but they also come with some greater threat. They carry enough contaminants to make you vulnerable to various diseases. Therefore, it is a task of utmost importance to eradicate mosquito growth in your backyard.

Are Mosquitoes That Harmful?

Before discussing the mosquito breeding preventive measures, let us first focus on the danger of these insects. We all know that mosquitoes enjoy a very short lifespan. The oldest of them live for around a couple of weeks.

The Threat of Population Explosion

When it comes to laying eggs, no other species can be compared to the female mosquitoes. They have the capacity of producing more than 300 eggs in a single session, accumulating to 3,000 eggs in a week or two. This extraordinary rate certainly proves threatening for the people living in areas surrounding the habitat of the mosquito.

You must be amazed to know that currently, the scientific fraternity across the globe has been able to detect only 175 versions or species of these insects. It’s worth noting that there is a long way to go, and more numbers of species are yet to be discovered. Mosquitoes are almost everywhere, and can lead to your paramount frustration. Take adequate measures beforehand to ensure minimizing mosquito growth in your backyard.

Look Out for the Hot Spot

The first step you should take towards the destruction of mosquitoes in your backyard is to look for any extra bushy areas. Maybe you have already decorated your garden space with several species of plants with a clear beautification goal in mind. In contrast, if you are not that much of a garden-savvy person, it might be the perfect time to decide on your priorities. Go outside for a walk in your backyard, and try to detect untidy areas. Unattended spaces are more likely to enhance the mosquito breeding process.

Say NO to Stagnant Water

You probably know that any source of stagnant water can be the perfect environment for deadly mosquitoes to grow. In case you own a pond, it is very much recommended that you get it inspected and taken care of by some of the most elite pond maintenance contractors in Santa Rosa.

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