You have finally decided that you need a water feature. You want to hear the soothing rush of water in your yard. You want a landscape that looks natural and beautiful. However, you are left with the question: Pond or Pondless?



Envision a long waterfall pouring into a pool of water with beautiful fish swimming around. This is the type of pond that even Mother Nature is jealous about. We absolutely love building these backyard retreats, big and small depending on your desires!




  1. Fish

If one of the reasons you wanted a water feature in your yard was to have fish, a pond is for you!

  1. Lilies

A pond allows you to have more diverse aquatic plants like lilies, which are the ultimate water plant.

  1. Wildlife

The ecosystem that you create in your backyard will attract all kinds of wildlife.

  1. Cooling Off

Although we do not encourage or discourage taking a dip in your pond, a pond allows for you to cool off your feet after a long day. You can also go further and take a dip in your pond if you are so inclined!


  1. Maintenance

Ponds do require a bit more maintenance than a pondless but the trade off of fish and wildlife is worth it!

  1. Energy Costs

A pond has to run 24/7, which means that it draws more energy than a pondless. However, it means you are constantly able to hear the soothing flow of water.

  1. Location

We recommend ponds to be located in fenced off areas due to the danger of drowning to small children. A pond would not be ideal in your front yard if there were no fence.



A Pondless water feature is exactly what it sounds like. A waterfall that disappears into an underground reservoir so there is no pool of water at the top. We recommend these for people with small backyards and young children.




  1. Maintenance

Pondless waterfalls require a lot less maintenance than ponds. These are great for people who lead a busy lifestyle.

  1. Reduced Energy Costs

A pondless waterfall requires a lot less energy than a pond because it does not need to be run for 24/7. You turn it on whenever you want to see and hear your water feature.

  1. Initial Cost

The initial cost of pondless waterfalls is significantly less than a pond. It is perfect for those with landscape budgets but still dream of a water feature.

  1. Safety

Pondless water features can be placed almost anywhere including unfenced areas. They are much safer for kids as they do not pool water at the bottom a kid could fall into.



The only con that we could think of for why you wouldn’t want a pondless waterfall in your backyard is no fish. If you just really want fish in your backyard, the pondless waterfall is definitely not for you. However, if you do not want fish, we see no reason why you wouldn’t have a water feature in your backyard.



Ponds and Pondless water features both have their positives depending on what you are looking for in your yard. If you want fish a pond is a no brainer. If you don’t care about fish and just want a water feature in your landscape a pondless waterfall is definitely a great addition!