Pond Pump Troubleshooting: What to Do

It is that dreaded moment. You’ve been planning your backyard party for months, and your beautiful water feature stops running. Your pump has stopped working. Fortunately for you, many times when a pump stops working there are some simple things you can try yourself.img_2731

Below are 5 tips for trouble-shooting your pond pump issues without a service call.

Pond Pump Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure you have enough water in your pond.

-If you do not have enough water in your pond, the pump will be gurgling for water and pulling in air instead of water. To keep your pump running efficiently, make sure your pond always has enough water.

      2. Check your filters.

-By checking your filters and making sure that they are clean you are ensuring that there is enough water flow to your pump. If the filters are clogged with debris you can be starving your pump of water.

      3. Unplug the pump.

gfci_image_0-It’s kind of like turning off and on your electronics when they don’t work. We recommend checking the GFCI protected outlet that the pump is plugged into, and pressing the reset button.

-A GFCI protected outlet looks like the ones you have in your bathroom and kitchen. They can become tripped if there is moisture or fluctuations in energy.

-If you press the reset button and it makes a clicking sound, then simply plug the pump back in and your problem may be solved.

      4. Check the circuit breaker. 

-The circuit breaker connected to your GFCI outlet should be located on your main electric panel.

-If the circuit was tripped, resetting it should fix the electrical issue.

-If the circuit is shared with other parts of your house like a bathroom, having your hair blow dryer, straightener, and pond pump on at once may be too much for the circuit.

-We suggest plugging your pond pump into a plug that is not on a shared circuit with other parts of your house.

      5. Test the above load on the circuit.

-Try an extension cord from a different part of the house and see if the pump runs from that circuit.

-This will show that the pump and the other appliances running are too much for the one circuit to handle.

If the above tips do not fix your pump issues, there may be a problem with the pump itself.  Unplug the pump and contact us so we can come look at the pump and diagnosis the problem.

Warranties – For your peace of mind and ours we purchase all of our water feature pumps from one manufacture Aquascape Inc. This allows us to know exactly what we are dealing with if we have a warranty situation. All Aquasurge and Ultra Pumps have a manufacture 3 year warranty. All Tsurumi pumps sold under the Aquascape line have a 2 year manufacture warranty.

Aquascape Inc’s Techguy Dave Kelly walks through some common Pond Pump Troubleshooting issues and solutions as well as designs of pumps.