If you are looking for pond contractors near me, the chances are that you are planning to build a garden pond. If that’s the case, we want to congratulate you for coming up with this exceptional idea. Having a private pond has its perks. Whether it is for the much needed water supply during the dry summer months or a tranquil place to relax, ponds are surely the best way to add spark to your residential plot. But planning a pond is one thing and executing it is a different game altogether. Here, we simplify the process of pond planning for you.


The Pond Location Matters

The first task would be to choose the perfect location for your new pond. The general rule of thumb is that you need to select a space that won’t hinder your daily activities. Besides, you would want to ensure that a better view is waiting for you. Imagine sitting beside your Pond, sipping on a refreshing beverage, enjoying your colorful fish floating effortless in the water and all the while enjoying a beautiful sunset. If you want a view like this, start planning right away!


Decide the Shape You Want Your Pond to Be

Depending upon the space available in your garden, you might want to experiment with a variety of shapes and sizes for your ponds. Again, more than visual appeal, it’s the utility and benefits that you should focus upon while deciding the shape for your pond.


Extra Features (if any)

Do you have a plan for extra features like a fountain or a naturalistic waterfall in your garden? Naturalistic waterfalls and streams not only add a beautiful sound they also provide much needed circulation and oxygen to your pond. This also aids in reducing maintenance, a true win-win. Consult with your pond contractor ahead of time for smooth functioning and appropriate execution of your plan.


Safety Should be a priority

Safety is job one! A pond is an open body of water and should be respected as such, especially regarding small children. Never leave a small child unattended around a pond. The good news is there are construction techniques that allow for a much safer pond installation and experience. Some of these techniques include proper depth and shelving of the pond to create some shallower areas. These shallower areas also provide an excellent place for water plants.


Planning your pond is very important and just a little planning will go a long way. With proper planning of your new pond, your enjoyment and experience will be a happy one. Not all Ponds are Created Equal and not every landscape contractor or gardener can properly build a low maintenance pond, that will give you years of enjoyment. Contact Sweetwater Landscape. For further clarification, you can email us at info@new.getpond.com or Consultations@new.getpond.com