Outdoor water features are an integral part of any garden design, they can range from elaborate ponds and fountains to simple wall-mounted waterfalls. The key to creating a successful outdoor water feature is to find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. As with any design project, start by considering your goals. What do you want your water feature to accomplish?

Water Feature Design Tips

Invest in a Pond

A pond can be an excellent addition to your landscape. Ponds are water features that can bring your garden to life by incorporating different types of fish to add another layer of dimension to your environment. The simplest way to create a pond is by digging a hole and lining it with plastic sheeting. Ponds can be designed in many different ways, from circular or rectangular shapes to large ponds that mimic lakes or natural ponds.

Elevate Your Space with a Fountain

Fountains are another popular option for adding movement to your outdoor living space. They come in all shapes and sizes – from small tabletop fountains that fit on top of an ornamental planter to huge standalone fountains that sit on their own pedestals or bases.

Use Rocks and Gravel

Use rocks and gravel to give your water feature a rustic feel. Rocks can be used to create the base of your water feature, while gravel is used to fill in the gaps between the rocks. You can also use rocks as part of your design to immerse your guests in a natural space.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Adding lighting to your outdoor water feature can enhance its appeal at night and make it more functional. Consider installing lights that match the color scheme of your garden. You can use colored lights to set the mood for romantic evenings or cool white lights for relaxing afternoons.

Water Feature Maintenance Tips

Clean Frequently

Clean your water feature regularly to keep it looking great and working efficiently. Check the water level and make sure it’s not getting too low. This will prevent algae growth that can clog the pump or line. You should clean the feature once a week in the warm months and once a month in the winter months.

Set Up a Regular Maintenance Schedule

Setting up a regular maintenance schedule with a nearby landscaping company that specializes in water features will extend the longevity of your pond, fountain, or waterfall. Some water features need more attention than others, so having an expert prepare a maintenance schedule will ensure your fountain or pond receive adequate care to prevent big expenses in the future.

Clean the Filter

Regularly cleaning your filter is essential because it keeps debris from accumulating in your pump. If the filter is discolored or dirty, it can cause damage to your pump and cause leaks and other problems. It’s essential to clean it every two weeks or at least once a month if you have a bigger water feature.

Monitor Water Levels

The most common problem with outdoor water features is that they don’t have enough water in them! Water features need to be refilled regularly, so check the level of the water in your yard every day or two to make sure it doesn’t get too low. Also, make sure there are no leaks in the pipes leading from your house.

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