Your patio can be one of the nicest spaces of your home if it is designed well, which is why landscaping companies in Sonoma County often recommend spending time and energy on it. Design is important, of course, but hardscaping also matters because the material used for flooring, retaining walls and decking around a pool or fireplace all add character to your patio. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you think about renovating yours.

Figure out your needs

Before approaching landscaping companies in Sonoma County, it always helps to get an idea of what your patio is meant to do. This can help you choose the right material that takes form as well as function into consideration. Think about whether you will be barefoot often, what materials hold up in various weather conditions, how important color is to you, border and accent pieces, and whether you have any preferences in terms of patterns.

Why you should consider pavers

When landscaping companies in Sonoma County recommend pavers, they do so because of the versatility they offer. Pavers are a catch-all word for flat-topped blocks or jagged-edge material made of natural stone, flagstone, marble, travertine, brick, rubber, slate or even limestone. Some fit together without gaps, others have room in between for grass to grow. Natural stone creates a casual appearance, while permeable pavers are recommended if water retention is an issue.

Brick is a viable alternative

This is a common material for patios because it is undeniably attractive, and because you can get bricks in a variety of colors including whitewash. Landscaping companies in Sonoma County don’t recommend using the same color brick for a patio and home but use it because they allow for design freedom and can be used to create different patterns in the flooring.

The advantages of concrete

If you’re looking for a material that is economical as well as versatile, concrete is your answer. Some landscaping companies in Sonoma County use it to create offset patterns or add textural stamping, and others mix other material designs in, so always find out what your options are. Do keep in mind that concrete can crack over time in cold conditions though.

Landscaping companies in Sonoma County

It makes sense to turn to qualified landscaping companies in Sonoma County like Sweetwater Landscape for several reasons. If you have questions about fountain installations, ponds, gardens or landscaping, we can help. Contact us today for a consultation with our experts, or questions about our services.