Landscaping can be complex for those with little experience in the industry. Fortunately, our team has worked in the landscaping marketplace for generations. So, in this latest post, we’re highlighting the truth behind some of the more common landscaping myths, as one of the leading local landscaping companies in Sonoma County.


Grass shouldn’t be watered during the day

One of the one more common myths we hear when discussing our work with clients is the idea that grass shouldn’t be watered during the day. Some believe that watering the grass during the day causes the sunshine to take all of the moisture of the oil. This is a complete myth and it’s important that you regularly water your grass during the day to give it the optimal level of moisture during the summer season.


Landscaping doesn’t add value to the home

As one of the top landscaping companies in Sonoma County, it benefits us to talk about the value of landscaping work. But the hard facts back up our claims about the value that landscaping can bring to the home. The studies show that a home’s value can be improved significantly by making small changes to the exterior landscape.


Fertilizer can help rejuvenate any tree

While fertilizer can help shrubs and plants grow more effectively over the long-term, it rarely impacts a tree’s growth, particularly if the tree has been impacted by disease. If the tree has been attacked by a pest or has a disease, the tree must be removed to prevent it from becoming a potential hazard around your home.


The yard should be watered every day during the summer

While providing the yard with optimal moisture is vital during warmer weather, your home grass and soil will hold moisture well and don’t need to be watered every day. It’s important to speak with local landscaping companies in Sonoma County about lawn care and achieving the ideal level of soil and grass growth.


Our team at Sweetwater Landscape can help guide you in achieving that ideal exterior space. To learn more about the latest landscaping news, call our team today!