Water features are both functional and attractive. A water feature will add sound, texture, and movement to your landscaping. In addition to increasing the aesthetic appeal of your property, a carefully planned water feature will provide several health benefits. The sound of water moving, along with wildlife sounds, will soothe your mind, body, and soul.

An outdoor water feature is exposed to the elements. You need to perform three tasks regularly to maintain the beauty and function of your water feature. These three tasks are –seasonal fountain cleaning, water replenishment, and water treatment.

Seasonal Fountain Cleaning

Clean your fountain two to four times every year. Though treating the water will keep unwanted vegetation at bay, your fountain will still have some unwanted growth. Regular cleaning will help prevent unwanted vegetation from getting into the basin, fountain, and pump.

To clean your fountain, first disconnect the pump from the power source. Make sure the pump and filters are not clogged, and are operating properly. Remove algae (if any) with a bristle brush.

Clean the pump and fountain with soap or vinegar. When cleaning the inside of the fountain thoroughly, scrub to get rid of built-up dirt.

Check your fountain carefully for wear and tear. Look for and fix leaks. Winterize it before winter arrives.

Water Replenishment

There are two major reasons why maintaining the water level in your fountain is important. First, for reasons of aesthetics. Secondly, the pump must be completely submerged in water. If it is not, it will suck air and get damaged.

Replenish your fountain regularly. How frequently you must replenish your fountain will depend on how quickly it loses water. Certain fountains can hold more water than others and do not need to be refilled as often. If your fountain exposes a large surface area of the contained water, the water will evaporate at a high rate, and you may have to replenish it more often.

Water Treatment

To keep algae in check, add additives such as barley (a natural deterrent to algae) or an EPA-registered algaecide to the water. Alternatively, chemically treat your fountain water. Use pond water treatment products sparingly to prevent your fountain from accumulating mineral deposits.

Remember to keep the surroundings of your fountain clean. If leaves and other debris get into the water, it can turn brown, and toxic gases will be released into it. To prevent this from happening, trim vegetation near your fountain regularly.

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