The plants and flowers in your landscape need water to survive and thrive. An irrigation system can ensure your plants, grass, and flowers get the right amount of water required for photosynthesis.

If you aren’t sure of how you can tackle watering your lawn efficiently, reach out to a water feature contractor in Windsor near you.

Popular Types of Irrigation Systems

When choosing an irrigation system, some factors to consider include lawn size and number of plantings, local rainfall patterns, land topography, and soil type.

Automated sprinkler systems and drip systems are some of the most popular types of irrigation systems. An automated sprinkler system has a computerized control center that allows you to program how often and how long every area of your yard receives water. Once you program your system, you don’t have to set aside time to water your lawn or worry about enlisting a neighbor or friend to water your plants before you leave for vacation.

Drip Systems use emitters or drippers to drip water onto the soil at very slow rates – 2-20 liters per hour. A drip irrigation system can help you save water in your yard, prevent diseases by minimizing water contact with different parts of plants such as leaves and stems, and prevent weeds from growing.

Tips to Improve Irrigation System Efficiency

Here are some ways to make your irrigation system more efficient:

• Install a rain shut-off switch with rain sensors designed to automatically turn off the system when a particular amount of rain has fallen

• If your irrigation system utilizes sprinklers, install check valve in sprinkler heads to keep water from draining out

• Use high-efficiency nozzles designed to water different parts of a landscape evenly

• Even a minor leak can waste thousands of gallons of water every year. Periodically check your irrigation system for leaks

• Make sure sprinkler heads aren’t pointing towards walls and hardscapes. Adjust sprinklers that overspray or spray water onto areas outside your landscape

Irrigation System Maintenance Tips

All types of irrigation systems need regular maintenance. The aim of irrigation system maintenance is to address existing problems and prevent future issues from occurring. Periodic maintenance prevents catastrophic failures and maintains irrigation system efficiency. A well-maintained irrigation system needs less frequent repairs and costs less to run. Regular maintenance extends the life of your irrigation system.

Over time, sprinkler heads can become clogged with dirt and dust. Clogged sprinkler heads can affect spray patterns. To prevent potential problems, periodically clean sprinkler heads. After you have cleaned your sprinkler heads, check them to make sure they pop up and then retract when the water is turned off. Check for leaks in your irrigation system. Do not wait too long to fix them. Check the central controller to ensure it is programmed correctly.

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