There’s a reason why fountain installations in Sonoma County make sense for a lot of homeowners. They are a great way to improve backyards, for instance, and can instantly change a landscape by filling in any empty spaces. They become the focal point of conversations when you have guests around and can be a soothing part of your garden when you’re on your own.


The best part of a garden fountain is how they now come in a number of styles, colors, and sizes, along with a variety of materials that can really breathe life into any garden. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind before choosing a garden fountain though.



First things first                                 


Start by measuring the space you need to fill because this determines the kind of garden fountain you will need installed. It’s easy to find all kinds of websites offering garden fountains in Sonoma County but always go with one that is reputable, based on customer testimonials or references from people you know who have used a particular company’s services. Also, spend a little time to see how comfortable you are with a website if you choose to order a fountain online. A great place to start is Aquascape Inc, North America’s largest water feature manufacturer. On their website, you will find many ideas along with products and support pages.


While choosing your fountain for installation, start by checking the size on the basis of your measurements, then evaluate the material being used, find out how easy it is to install, and check to see if a fountain pump is included in your purchase. Material like stone, cast concrete, and fiberglass resin are great in terms of quality, so spend some time to see if you are getting value for what you are paying. It needs the right kind and size of pump too, so do a bit of homework on that aspect of the installation. Aquascape Inc has the best warranties on pumps in the Industry with most pumps offering a 3 year warranty.



After making your choice


After picking a water fountain for your Sonoma County home, comes the installation. Some fountains can be installed easily on your own, but it always makes sense to contact a professional if you want to make sure there are no problems later on. Always pick a company that takes customer service seriously, because it can also help you resolve other problems associated with landscaping.


For fountain installation in Sonoma County


There are all kinds of options available for those in Sonoma County interested in garden fountain installations. For advice, recommendations or ideas about ponds and landscapes, contact our team of experts at Sweetwater Landscape, Sonoma County’s only Master Certified Aquascape Contractor, today.