What if you had an oasis instead of a boring backyard? It’s a question many people ask landscape companies in Santa Rosa because the possibilities are endless. If you can imagine a lush, calming, water-filled presence in a desert environment, it can be done when you hire the right professionals. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Water features and a trellis

You obviously need water for your oasis, and one of the first things that professional landscape companies in Santa Rosa will recommend is a babbling brook, Koi pond or sculptural fountain to transform your backyard. This is because the sound of water is always soothing. Another thing that helps is a large trellis over your patio area or a smaller one with a seating bench. The trellis can be left bare or covered with vines for shade and beauty. It can also be used to grow flowers or strawberries.

Garden structures and hardscaping

Nothing adds depth and privacy to a landscape like garden structures, so think about adding a pergola or gazebo and ask landscape companies in Santa Rosa for other suggestions that may work. Also, think about hardscaping, and what materials like gravel or natural stone stepping can do to a path.

Privacy hedges, seating and more

When grown correctly, a hedge can create a natural border and offer you a lot of privacy as well. They also help you separate spaces from your neighbor’s home and look a lot better than a fence. You should also play with outdoor furniture, consider hanging lanterns in the trees above your yard, or think about installing a brook or decorative bridge. An arched or flat bridge can be built over rocky areas or connecting grass to concrete. Lighting makes a difference too, and landscape companies in Santa Rosa can also help with additions like birdfeeders and birdhouses or hanging baskets, container plantings and raised beds for more visual interest. Also think about adding succulents, because they are pretty and need very little water.

Looking for landscape companies in Santa Rosa?

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