A pond is an ecosystem that provides food, water, oxygen, and shelter for various plants and animals. Many plants and animals live and reproduce in your pond. The plants and animals in your pond work together to maintain their health.  Here are some tips for maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem.

Ensure Proper Circulation 

Use a properly sized pump. An efficient circulation system will keep the water moving while maintaining the proper oxygen levels to keep your pond plants and aquatic animals healthy.

Set up Your Ecosystem Filtration System

A pond filtration system must include both a biological filter and a mechanical filter. A biological filter contains a filter mat that offers ample surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. These bacteria eliminate excess nutrients (that induce excess algal growth).

Mechanical filters, in addition to pre-filtering the pond water, shelter the pump. They also collect debris from the surface to prevent the buildup of organic materials at the bottom of the pond.

Incorporate Koi and Other Pond Fish

Koi and other pond fish play an important role in maintaining the balance of the pond ecosystem.

Adding koi fish to your pond is one of the most effective ways to improve its aesthetic appeal. Fish feed on string algae and other organic matter that accumulates on the floor of ponds and rocks and can help maintain a clean pond.

Add Aquatic Plants That Filter Water

Aquatic plants such as Water Iris, Pickerel Rush, Water Celery, Watercress, and Water Hyacinths are known for their ability to filter impurities in pond water.

Look for plants that remove extra nutrients in your pond, thereby depriving the algae of food. There are several benefits to aquatic plants.

Not only will your aquatic plants give your pond a lush, healthy appearance, but also provide shade to your fish and other aquatic animals.

Plants will help improve and maintain the overall health of your pond. They play a major role in maintaining a healthy balance of beneficial nutrients. Your plants will keep algae in check and raise the oxygen level of your pond water.

Use Rocks and Gravel

Many pond owners do not use rocks and gravel as they wrongly believe that maintaining them is an uphill battle.

You can use rocks and gravels to create a more natural appearance. Adding rocks and gravel will help protect pond liners from UV rays and give beneficial bacteria surfaces on which they can grow.

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