Winter is a tough time for lawns and landscapes. If you do not prepare your lawn for winter, cold weather can take a toll on it. Fall is here. Now is the right time to prepare your lawn and landscape for winter.

Here are some tips you may find useful.

Consider Fall Core Aeration and Overseeding 

Your lawn can immensely benefit from fall core aeration and overseeding. Aerating and overseeding encourage deep root growth. Grass with deep roots are able to survive winter as they can extract moisture and nutrients from the soil.

Aeration opens up the soil to receive sunlight, water, and oxygen, improving the overall health of the lawn. Aeration and overseeding can help prevent weeds from growing. Combining core aeration with overseeding will introduce new seed varieties, resulting in a healthier lawn.


Adding an organic fertilizer to your soil is one of the best ways of ensuring that your lawn gets the nutrients it needs and is able to recover and green up faster next season. Look for a fertilizer with zero percent phosphate. Consider applying broadleaf weed control to keep your garden weed-free.

Mow Properly

Do not mow your grass too often or too short. In the fall, mow your grass every 10-14 days until all of the leaves have fallen. This will ensure leaves don’t smother your lawn. Before trimming your lawn, remember to check the recommended length for the type of grass you have.

Take Care of Your Plants

Remember to give your plants some extra TLC this fall. Applying a dormant fertilizers will strengthen your plant’s roots. The stronger their root system, the more capable your plants will be of storing energy and extracting nutrients they need to survive the winter.

Prune all non-spring blooming shrubs for shape and size. Remove dead flowers. Look for signs of common diseases and treat them before the problem gets out of hand, and you have a full-blown infestation.

Maintain Your Compost

Now is the best time to build up your compost pile and prepare it for next spring. When cleaning up your yard, remember to collect and add fallen leaves to your compost pile. Leaves will add a little insulation to the pile, preventing it from getting wet.

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