By working with qualified landscape companies in Santa Rosa, you can achieve your building objectives and ensure that ideal return for your investment. In this latest post, our experienced landscaping team at Sweetwater Landscape highlights how to make the most of your landscaped spaces.


Use multiple levels

One of the best ways to ensure value for money from the landscaping process is to use multiple levels outside of your home. Make sure that you have the space required to create that ideal home landscape and use multiple levels for different outdoor activities. For example, you might install a deck for entertaining guests outdoors while the below grass areas are used to highlight a natural space for flowers.


Use tall shrubs for privacy

Privacy can be difficult to achieve if your home is within close proximity to the neighbors. But many are now taking on the process of achieving a semblance of privacy within their landscaping projects. You can now work with landscape companies in Santa Rosa to plant tall shrubs that cover your backyard area and prevent others peeking in. Tall plants can also buffer the space against noise intrusion, helping create your own peaceful home oasis.


Use outdoor structures to define entertaining areas

When you invite guests to your home, you may wish to have them enjoy the outside space during their side. You can use gazebos and other exterior structures to create the ideal ambiance for entertaining outdoors. Make sure that you consider the furniture to be placed within the structure, and work with your landscaping team to ensure that the structure matches the home in terms of design aesthetics and structural value.


Sweetwater Landscape

Working with leading local landscape companies in Santa Rosa can help drive a long-term return on your investment in home landscaping. To discover more about the full range of options at your disposal, please call us today.