Can’t go outdoors to spend time in the midst of nature? Why not bring nature into your home? All you need to do is incorporate a water feature into your landscaping. Adding a garden water feature to your backyard will turn it into an oasis.

A water feature will attract more wildlife to your garden and can even boost your home’s value. A water feature will also provide much needed water for the wildlife that calls your home, their home. It can help create a relaxing, soothing environment in your garden as the sight and sound of flowing water can induce a flood of feel-good hormones that promote wellness.

Spending time in a garden and listening to the sounds of nature is a great way to shrug off the fatigue after a hectic day at work.

Before you reach out to a water feature installation company in Santa Rosa, learn as much as you can about water features. Equipping yourself with the right knowledge is the first step of effective decision making.

Before you install a water feature, make sure that you are aware of the maintenance requirements that come with the water feature type you choose. Look for ways to add charm and elegance to your water feature.

Consider Safety When Choosing a Water feature

When choosing a water feature, consider who will use it. If you have a toddler or a curious pet that loves exploring its surroundings, it makes sense to opt for a small, elevated pond or a pondless waterfall or a bubble fountain instead of a large pond. You can also install a fountain that feeds a bird bath.

If you want to install a pond, you need to come up with an action plan to keep kids out of dangerous areas. You might want to install a fence around it or use a firm mesh across the pond after pond installation.

Lighting a Water Feature

Lighting your water feature is a great way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your backyard. Lights will illuminate the area, improving safety. Use downlights to create moonlighting, and underwater lights to create up lighting. For areas in and around the water feature, low voltage LED lighting is the way to go.

Water Feature Maintenance

All water features require some form of regular care and maintenance. For instance, if you have a pond the use of a skimmer to remove leaves and debris out of the water will help maintenance tremendously.  Furthermore, the use of pond plants that shade and protect fish, help control Algae, and oxygenate the water.

There also maybe some biannual and or annual maintenance to the bio-filtration. Pondless Waterfalls and fountain features do require less maintenance throughout the year.

Whether you want to install a pondless waterfall or an ecosystem pond, Sweetwater Landscape has got you covered. We take the guesswork out of water feature installation. If you cannot decide which type of water feature is right for your garden, we will help you make the best decision. Call us at (707) 887-0140 to discuss your project.