There are several benefits of installing a pond fountain. Pond fountains attract wildlife, create a relaxing environment, and promote healthy air circulation. Adding a pond fountain to your backyard is a way of enhancing the value of your property.

Types of Pond Fountains

There are two types of pond fountains – decorative fountains and aerating fountains. Decorative fountains, as the name suggests, are aesthetically appealing. Their heights range from a few feet to 20 feet or more. Decorative fountains utilize interchangeable spray nozzles to create different spray patterns such as starbursts, cascading tiers, and jets.

Aerating fountains provide the best vertical circulation. They provide more gallons per minute of water movement than decorative fountains. If aeration is your primary goal, use a V-shaped aerating fountain, as aerating fountains with this pattern offers the maximum aeration.

How Much Horsepower Does Your Pond Fountain Need to Move Water?

When choosing a motor, consider the purpose you want your pond fountain to serve. If you intend to use your pond fountain for aeration, choose a motor that offers at least 1.5 hp for every acre of water.

If you want to use your pond fountain for decorative purposes, 1 hp per acre should be enough; however, fountains with unique decorative patterns may require a more powerful pump (1.5 hp per acre).

Pond Fountain Maintenance

Make sure the pump is free of debris such as small sticks and leaves. Maintaining fountains that include a grate over the bottom is easy, as leaves and sticks near the motor are pulverized. This prevents clogging.

A clog can cause the pump end to overheat. To prevent this from happening, check your pump regularly. Make sure it is clean at all times. Remove mineral build-up. Remove your pump once every season and flush it with clean water.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Aerating Fountain

  • Depth: Aerating fountains work well in ponds that are at least six feet deep
  • Size: The larger your pond, the more horsepower your fountain will need. Spray height should be less than or equal to half the width of the pond
  • Shape: Aerating fountains are usually used in round ponds. An aerating fountain may not be the right choice for an irregularly shaped pond as the fountain may not reach all the areas.

Common Patterns for Decorative Fountains

Some traditional spray patterns are crystalline and plum tree. The crystalline pattern features a diamond-shaped spray, whereas the plum tree spray rises and falls in a circular motion.

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