A water feature is more than just the addition of a fountain or pond to your garden. It can become the focal point of your landscape and dramatically alter the look of your outdoor space. What makes a water feature so desirable in Sonoma County is the fact that these spaces can be peaceful, whimsical escapes that become an integral part of your outdoor living. Soon your yard will become a haven for beneficial wild life, including birds, dragonflies and other critters that will appreciate the fresh water.


Adding a water feature to your property has a positive impact on your health too, but choosing one isn’t as easy as you might think. Here are a number of things to keep in mind before you start planning one. Start by picking the right spot because location really is everything.

What you need to consider


What do you want your water feature for? Is it meant to be a tranquil setting or meditation area? Will trees around it affect the maintenance? Can rainwater accumulate in the spot you choose? Think about these things while also keeping climate changes in mind. Also consider how much sun and shade your water feature will receive, and the proximity of a power hook-up. Knowing where your utility lines are will also help before you start digging.


Preparing for your water feature


A good place to start is Aquascape Inc’s website, North Americas largest water feature equipment manufacturer. There are also lots of great ideas on their website for all your water feature dreams. Start with a submersible garden pump, choosing one adequate for your needs. Also, figure out how many gallons of water your pond will hold before choosing a plastic pre-formed pond liner or flexible pond liner. Choosing the right kind of fountain as a centerpiece deserves a bit of time and attention to detail before you shop for tubing and sand. Covering approximately 65% of the water surface with plants is a good idea because it will reduce the water temperature and reduce algae growth. Rocks and boulders also help naturalize your water feature both in and out of the water.


The installation process


This is the hard part because it involves digging, placing the pond liner, adding sand and feeding the tubing through the top of the fountain. It always makes sense to get a professional to do it, of course, because there are all kinds of things that can go wrong.


Water feature contractors in Sonoma County


Looking for water feature contractors near you? Sweetwater Landscape, a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor, in Sonoma County can help with fountain installations, as well as your pond, garden, and landscaping requirements. For a consultation with our experts, or questions about our services, contact us today.