Bring the exotic tranquility of the Far East right into your house, by installing a Koi Pond! Often created to generate a positive and peaceful environment, Koi ponds can do wonders to your existing décor. Many homeowners have personally experienced its positive side. Relaxation, stress relief, and higher real estate value are some of its incredible benefits. Hire the best pond contractors near me for error-free Koi pond installation.

What is a Koi Pond?

First things first, Koi is the name of a beautiful and vibrant colored fish. Koi originally came from China, but were bread for their vibrant colors by the Japanese. Koi ponds, a tradition introduced in Japan was considered a status symbol and often associated with wealth and prosperity. It is very important to create a natural environment within your Koi Pond that recreates the river system that is part of the Koi fish’s DNA. The movement of water through a stream and creating currents within the ponds water is very important to the health of the fish. Creating aesthetic beauty inside and outside of the pond decorate it with gravel, rocks, and aquatic plants, you and your fish will be happy.

Choosing the Right Koi Pond Plants

Selection and placement of the right plants are essential when you are having a pond filled with fishes. Fishes also require plant life for their survival and hiding. But that’s not all! They also require a decent area to swim around. You need to make a perfect balance between both these factors. Have a look at some relevant plant options for you!

  • Bog Plants – Water Iris, Water Celery, Water Cress and Taro (Elephant Ears) are some examples of the bog plants. These plants love moisture, and settle down in the shallow areas of the pond. They should be planted on the edges of the pond and or constructed wetland filter (bog).
  • Marginal Plants(Similar to Bog Plants) – Rushes (water grasses), Caltha (yellow marsh Marigold), and Water Celery are some of the popular aquatic plants in this category. These plants generally grow around the outer edge of the pond, and are planted in directly in the river gravel to aid in the transfer of nutrient from the pond water to the plant. Prefer placing smaller plants in the front portion of the lake, and taller ones towards the backside, to get the maximum effect.
  • Rooted Water Plants and Water Lilies – Water Lilies are truly the Diamonds of the pond. The lily pads create cover and shade for the pond and fish, while the vibrant blooms are prolific and beautiful. There are many colors to choose from and ‘hardy’ lilies perform the best in our area. Consider a white lily for a showy early evening bloom. Water Hawthorne is another great choice and also performs in the Winter season as well.
  • Oxygenating Plants – Cabomba Fanwort, Anthocerotpsida Hornwort and Ceratopteris thalictroides Water Sprite are some excellent examples of these plants. While most water plants produce oxygen by day the totally submerged plants do get a lot of the credit. The also provide a flowing movement that adds a natural look and feel to just about any pond.

Many homeowners also believe as the traditional Japanese do, that Koi ponds bring a lot of happiness, strength, and good luck in the households. They are easy to maintain, and a perfect place to have relaxed evenings with friends and family. If you also wish to install a Koi pond in your home, get in touch with the best pond contractors in town. Sweetwater Landscape is a leading landscape contractor in Santa Rosa. Connect with us at 707-887-0140 to get more details.