Are you thinking of building a natural-looking pond in your home? There are many factors that are required to be considered before going ahead with this project. Factors like location, size, and beautification of the pond are the primary ones. Who wouldn’t like an eye-catching pond site to awe your guests!


When we talk about the beautification factors of a pond, choosing the perfect stone takes the front seat. You can easily find different types of pond stones, but to select the rightest one can prove to be a bit tricky. We have some quick tips to make your stone selection process easy.


Types of Stones


There are three major types of rocks available for pond installations. They all have their own qualities and offer different looks and styles to the pond.


1. Mica Stone – Basically made up of silicate minerals, this stone has the quality to blend well with ancient architectural homes. Its deep grey-blue color is visually appealing and looks stunning during the nights with a silverish reflection upon them.


2. FieldStone – Available in muted earth tones, field stones are found in different sizes and shapes. The lichens on the surface of the stone offer a mossy and aged look to it. The best part of these stones is that they have a lot of variety and shapes to offer. You can contact the professional pond contractors near me to get more details on this.


3. RiverRocks – River rocks are one of the most popular rock forms available for natural pond installations. These are the softly round-shaped rocks that are formed after hundreds of years of actual running water exposure. You can choose from red, pink, coral, orange, slate grey, green or blue colored rocks for your pond.


These were some of the popular options of natural-looking pond stones for you. You cannot label anyone better than the other here as they all look splendid in their ideal settings. Apart from selecting the perfect rock, their number and size also play a vital role. Overcrowding can diminish the overall look of your pond. Make sure to install the appropriate number of rocks to maintain a natural view. To know more about the rock installations, call 707-887-0140 today for professional assistance!