It’s the time of the year in which the weather turns too cold for your pond life to safely spend its time outdoors. It’s important you have a clear idea about fall pond care tips. When searching for pond care tips and typing “pond contractors near me”, many learn from experts about fall pond guidance. And in this post, we’ll provide our latest techniques.

Remove leaves and other debris

The first step in the pond maintenance process for fall is to remove the leaves and other debris that might have settled within the area. This debris can cause significant issues with water quality, when the water temperatures warm back up in spring. You can use a long-handled pool net to scoop up the debris. Or, if you’ve begun maintenance before the fall weather begins, you can simply place a net over the pond.

Trim foliage

With the trees around the pond potentially overgrowing during the winter months and allowing debris to settle in the area, it’s important to take a proactive stance and trim the foliage before it’s overgrown. Cut back marginal plants that might droop over the water’s edge and ensure water lilies are cut just below the base of the plant to manage their growth.

Protect your fish

Ensuring your fish have a well-balanced diet for their hibernation period can help protect them in the forthcoming months. When the water falls below 60 degrees, the fish go into hibernation mode and their metabolism slows down. Use specifically-designed winter fish food during this period and make sure that you stop feeding your fish when the weather dips below 50 degrees. To make sure you choose the right food options for this process, search for “pond contractors near me” now.

Sweetwater Landscape

Our team at Sweetwater Landscape has decades of experience helping pond owners maintain their ponds and ensure fish and plants are in peak condition ready for the spring. To learn more about pond maintenance from “expert pond contractors near me”, call the team here at Sweetwater Landscape directly. We can help answer your questions and ensure your pond retains its vitality for the years ahead.