Can My Dog or Kids go in the Pond?

Let us start off my simply saying that we do not build swimming pools. We are not licensed to build you a swimming pool or are able to build a chlorinated pond for you. The ponds that we build are not intended to be used like a swimming pool. But can your dog, kid or you go in the pond? Of course.

100_0800While we don’t encourage you to swim in your pond, we do not discourage it. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to allow your dog or kid(s) in your pond.

We do not build swim ponds, but we do build multipurpose recreational ponds, often built with more and better wetland filtration than the typical swim pond.

Safety for Kids

-Keep in mind that this is a body of water that a child could easily drown in. Although not as deep as a swimming pool, for young kids supervision is always a must!

-Is your pond properly maintained? A pond that is not maintained is not safe.

-The rocks around the pond and in the pond can become slippery which poses a slipping hazard for your kids. Just as in nature.

Safety for Dogs

-If you have a swimmer such as a Lab or other large breads a large enough pond is not a problem.100_1953

-We have to be careful with some of the smaller breads of dogs that like water. A small bread may struggle if getting tangled up with some of the pond plants. The larger breads will power right through.

-Great drinking water source for your Dog

-Extra protection can be used to protect the liner if need be.

Bacteria Concern

-Here in Northern California we are not too worried about the bacteria and harmful algae that could grow into your pond. With proper maintenance and water circulation, the ecosystem that occurs should and does hinder harmful bacteria.

Our own children and dogs used our pond to cool off and play a bit. Our pond dog Daisy would even swim with the fish following them around the pond. Our daughter and her friends would take the string algae and make facial masks.100_0495

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