2020 is coming to an end. A new year is on the horizon. Now is the right time to prepare your landscape for 2021. There are several benefits of landscape renovation. If you have an outdated landscape design, your contractor will suggest improvements.

Our professionals will come up with a plan to blend software and hardware elements to create a more balanced outdoor space. You will spend less time maintaining an improved landscape and more time appreciating its aesthetics.

It may seem strange to start planning your landscape installation now for the next year; however, by doing so, you will get a head start on the busiest season for landscape companies.

If you are tempted to procrastinate your landscape renovation, let us tell you this is the best time to give your landscape a makeover.

You Will Get More Time to Plan

The earlier you start planning, the better. If you take the first step now, you will have enough time when creating your vision for the space.

If you procrastinate your project till spring and summer, you may have to start and finish the design process quickly, which would mean overlooking important aspects and details.

Discounts and Offers Galore

Winter is an off-season for landscapers. To remain visible and relevant to their customers, many landscapers offer discounts during the off-season.

More Availability

Finding a reputable landscaping company in the off-season is easier than in the busy season.

Landscaping contractors have more availability and are in no real hurry to wind up projects. If you start working on your project now, you can rest assured that your contractor will give you their undivided attention.

You Can Save More

If you start planning now, your contractor can lock in this year’s pricing. When you finalize a plan and place your deposit, a professional will honor this year’s pricing for your 2021 installation.

A contractor will purchase materials now and have them delivered to your home, saving you both money and time. When they start working on the project, they won’t have to transport materials to the worksite and can start the installation straight away.

Sweetwater Landscape is a top-rated landscape design company in Sonoma County. Our team comprises seasoned landscaping professionals. Whether you want to design a new landscape from scratch or are planning to make an existing landscape more functional and aesthetically appealing, we have got you covered. To discuss your project with our professionals, call 707-887-0140.