A garden can add character to your property, improving its aesthetic appeal. It can help create a designated space for relaxation. Spending some time in a garden after work every day is a great way to shrug off stress.

Considering the amount of effort it takes to plan a garden, you want to ensure that it reaches its maximum potential. To help you create the garden of your dreams, our landscape designers here at Sweetwater Landscape have compiled a list of some of our top landscape design tips found commonly in Sonoma County.

Use a Variety of Flower Types

Using different types of flowers is a great way to add visual interest and support pollinators such as bees, butterflies, beetles, flies, moths, and wasps. Many homeowners use different types of flowers for a more resilient garden. Some flower types to use in a garden include:

➢ Daisy-type flowers such as rudbeckia, different daisy varieties, and cornflowers
➢ Mounding flowers such as coreopsis, lavender, and Nepeta
➢ Flowering spikes such as salvia, penstemon, and Agastache
➢ Flat-topped flowers such as sedum, yarrow, and milkweed
➢ Flower sprays such as diascia, heuchera, and columbine

Choose a Good Location

Many plants grow best when they get at least six hours of sunlight, while shade-loving plants on the other hand flourish in full shade. Depending on the type of plants you want to use in your garden, you must consider which way it should face.

A north-facing garden usually does not get a lot of sun exposure, whereas a south-facing garden receives sunlight all day. West-facing gardens receive more sunlight in the afternoon and evening. In east-facing gardens, plants get ample sunlight during the morning hours but remain in shade for the rest of the day.

Plant For Long-lasting Colors

Perennials bloom for approximately one month or so. Some of the best times to plant is in early or late spring, summer, or early fall. Choose perennials that bloom in all of these seasons. A garden that blooms all year round looks great and provides a steady source of food for pollinators and birds.

Plant Different Plants in Large Groups

Avoid planting just one or two plants in large numbers as this may lead to a cluttered and disheveled look. Instead, use large groupings of different plants for a cohesive look. Always arrange groups of plants in odd numbers to add visual appeal and draw the eye. Need a little inspiration? Check out the landscape projects our designers have completed for a deeper look.

Use Plants of Different Heights

To add variety, use short, medium height, and tall plants. Plant the tallest plants backward and the shorter plants forward. This arrangement ensures that you are able to see all your plants.

Mix and Match

Use different evergreen plants, shrubs, ornamental grasses, and other plants with visually appealing seed heads such as milkweed and coneflowers to ensure your garden looks great even in the dormant seasons.

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