Adding fish to your pond is a great way to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Spending time near a garden fish pond after a hectic day is a perfect way to unwind and relax. Fish ponds support the local ecosystem while adding a pleasing ambiance to any space.

Animals and birds including raccoons, blue herons and river otters eat fish. If left unchecked, these predators can damage your pond’s ecosystem. Whether you want to build a fish pond from the ground up or plan to introduce fish into an existing pond, pond contractors in Windsor recommend these methods to keep predators at bay.

Build a Fish Cave

Build a fish cave into your pond to ensure your fish have a place to hide when a predator strikes. For a fish cave to be effective, it should be placed at least 2’-3’ deep. Make sure the cave is not noticeable from above the surface of the water.

Use Decoys

Placing a decoy near your pond is an effective method to protect your fish from predators. When choosing a decoy, consider the type of predator you are dealing with.

Blue Heron decoy: To keep Blue Herons away from your pond, place a Blue Heron statue near it. Blue Herons prefer solitude and do not like sharing their food source. A Blue Heron statue will shoo away these predators, helping ensure the safety of your fish

Install a Pond net

In addition to preventing leaves, twigs, and other debris from falling into pond water, pond netting can keep predators out of your pond. If you think that a pond net looks unsightly, use it when you have exhausted all your options. Many pond owners install a pond net before leaving for vacation as it eliminates the need to regularly clean out the skimmer.

Use Motion Sensors

Scarecrow motion-activated sprinklers are a potent predator deterrent. When a scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler detects movement it sprays a stream of water spooking the predator out. Your contractor can help you set a scarecrow motion-activated sensor in an efficient way so the device does not annoy your neighbor.

Alternatively, install a motion sensor connected to a power outlet which turns on a radio. This is an effective deterrent as predators do not like sudden sounds.

Add Plants to Your Ponds

Add floating plants such as frogbit and lily pads to your pond. These plants cover the top of the pond, allowing the fish in it to hide from a predator. In addition to providing a hiding spot, floating plants add nutrients to pond water and can help improve pond health.

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