Homeowners around the country waste thousands of gallons of water in their landscapes every day. Many cities in California are facing drought-like conditions or even full-on droughts. As a responsible citizen, you should take steps to conserve water in your yard. By saving water in your garden, you will reduce your carbon footprint, help the environment, and save money on your water bill.
Follow these tips from a landscaping company in Sonoma County to help you save water on your landscaping.

Maintain and Upgrade Your Irrigation System

Periodically check your irrigation system for leaks and fix any you locate immediately. If your irrigation system consists of sprinklers, ensure they do not flood other non-planted areas. Check for any missing or broken sprinkler heads and clean sprinkler heads to keep debris from clogging their nozzles and limiting their reach.

Consider installing an automatic rain-shutoff device. A rain-shutoff device helps prevent water waste in the landscape by telling the irrigation system controller to shut off when a specific amount of rain has fallen. Also, add an intelligent controller to your irrigation system. A weather-based irrigation controller can help improve watering efficiency by up to 40%.

Use Native Plants

Native plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. As a result, they need less water to survive and thrive and require little-to-no fertilizer. Some California native plants include California fuchsia, Western redbud, Toyon, and Douglas iris. With native plants, you will spend less time maintaining your landscape and more time enjoying it.

Water the Soil, Not the Leaves

To keep evaporation to a minimum, water at the drip line area of the root zone. In addition, keeping water away from plants’ leaves will help prevent fungal diseases and sunscald. To ensure proper water delivery, use a professionally designed irrigation system rather than regular lawn sprinklers.

Install a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel captures water from a roof and stores it for use in the Landscape. There are several compelling reasons to install a rain barrel. First, rainwater does not contain chemicals and salts in groundwater or municipal water supply.

They can help reduce runoff pollution, flooding, and erosion. A rain barrel provides water for the plants in the landscape during drought, helping them survive dry conditions. You can also install greywater diverters to divert the water from your bathroom, showers, and washing machine to your irrigation system.

Note: Do not use greywater containing bleach, dishwasher salt, or hazardous chemicals in your Landscape as it can harm plants and alter the soil structure.

Water at the Right Time

The best time to water a garden is early in the morning when the plants are ready to absorb water. If this is not possible, water your garden in the late afternoon. Never water your garden at night as the water will sit on the roots and leaves of your plants instead of evaporating. This will lead to mold and fungal growth around the roots.

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