Tired of looking at a drab yard and looking for ways to revamp your garden? Well, there are dozens of ways to design your yard creatively within a budget. Most landscape companies in Santa Rosa will agree that maintaining a green lawn and garden is certainly a no child’s play. But, with these simple landscaping tips you can become a proud owner of a lush green yard that will turnheads.


Add a Flower Bed Border: You think that a beautiful garden costs a fortune! Well, with little effort and ingenuity, you can set up a professional level yard at an affordable rate. The easiest way to add life to your dull looking yard is to simply add a stone edge and throw in some mulch to spruce up plain looking flower beds within a short time.


Build a Cozy Sitting Area: There is absolutely no better way than to utilize outdoor space for relaxing in your own personal oasis. Contrary to common belief, a sitting area in your yard doesn’t have to cost you thousands of dollars. Throw in a small faux stone bench and add a few canopies and voila, and your yard will look pretty and chic.


Refurbished Fun: There are a myriad of ways that can make your garden look fabulous. A super cute way to do this is to turn an old bathtub into a planter. A bathtub is not only sturdy but also spacious, so let your imagination flow and plant the flowers of your choice or even a mini vegetable garden. To create a charming setting, you may plant tiny shrubs in a circle surrounding the tub.


Use the Right Plants: It can be indeed very hard to resist the temptation of bringing home all those gorgeous plants nodding their heads at your local nursery. Often homeowners make a wrong decision of investing several hundred dollars in plants that do not make it even through one season. Therefore, it is important to carefully pick the plants for your yard. Do your homework before driving down to the nursery. Explore well over plants that will flourish for a long time in your garden. Make a note of garden areas that are fully shaded and parts that get partial or full sun. This will help you pick the right plants suitable for different parts of your yard.


There are several creative ways to add in life into your garden that range from planters, to modern fencing to edible gardens and householders. Don’t get disappointed if you feel gardening isn’t your cup of tea. You can still own a beautiful yard by hiring services of landscape companies. To know more connect with Sweetwater Landscape Inc., a master certified aquascape contractor located in Santa Rosa.